What is #hashtag and how to properly use it on your posts?

  August 3, 2013 1:21pm

Hashtag has been in used in electronic posts even before Twitter made it popular. A hashtag in post's title starts with the # character. In this website, hashtag are not highlighted with link on the title. But instead, a hashtag link is added as part of the post below the title.

Should I use a hashtag on my title?

It's up to you. In most cases, you would put the tag on the separate hashtag input field to keep your title clean.

What are valid hashtag characters?

Only alphaneumeric and underscore characters are valid. Any other characters will be terminated.

Hashtag guideline.

  1. Dot (.) character should be replaced by underscore. For example you want to tag your post with specific Joomla version. E.g.: #Joomla3_1.
  2. Avoid using a really long hashtag.
  3. Avoid using redundant hashtag and use what is the most proper hashtag. E.g.: #Games, #Game, #Gaming, in this case #Gaming would be sufficient. Because user won't be looking for Game or Games in a category.
  4. Avoid using obvious hashtags. E.g.: #Joomla - obviously this is a website about Joomla so it's not necessary to hashtag your post with Joomla. And if you are posting on Templates or Extensions category, there is no need to put #Template or #Extension hashtag.
  5. To separate words, you may use underscore but we recommend alternating letter case. E.g.: #JoomlaHacksFAQ
  6. Finally, avoid hashtag that is not even related to your post. Your post will be considered as a spam.

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