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#JoomlaTips: Changing Date Format In Table Category Listing in Joomla [Oct 13]: In some cases, you will find the default date format on the page table listing very long. You can change... more #JoomlaTips: Changing File or Folder Permission in Joomla [Oct 31]: I know this is an easy thing to do for most users. But I realized, there are still more users... more #JoomlaTips: Stack Up Multiple Modules in One Position [Nov 06]: This is another simple tip for new users. This was just recently asked in the forum so I decided to... more #PerformanceTuning: Turning On Caching In Joomla [Oct 05]: To improve your Joomla website's performance, just turn on "caching" on the "Cache" tab from Joomla's Global Configuration. When caching... more #JoomlaTips: Changing Joomla Frontpage Column Size [Nov 04]: When I was starting with Joomla, my first struggle was how to change the frontpage article column size to single... more [ more wiki ]