IT Property Real Estate Joomla 1.7 Template By IceTheme

  October 19, 2011 6:10am

For October IceTheme is proud to announce the release of its first Real Estate premium template. The IT Property Joomla Template is built-in with the marvelous IP (Intellectual Property) component from TheThinkery. While we have fully customized this component to suit the design and layout of the template, all you have to do is add your properties and you are done.

After studying tens of the very best Real Estate websites, we have carefully chosen the colors, layout and the overall design and all the elements that a Real Estate website may need. The IceCarousel and the IceAccordion modules now are ready to display (with some nice effects and options from the module parameters) the IP's properties.

Also with 4 stylish color schemes available we are 100% sure that your next Joomla website will not only stand out from the crowd but you will be able to have exactly the colors of your business (this is easily possbible with the PSD files ready in the package.)


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