JM Eco Energy - multipurpose Joomla template with WCAG compliance

  February 23, 2021 10:23am

Nowadays, eco-friendly solutions, green technologies, and the earth's environmental protection are becoming trendy topics. 
Check the multipurpose eco Joomla template designed to present your company online.
This Joomla template is a flexible solution, equipped with a rich set of user-friendly tools, allowing for quick and painless customization (layout and colors) according to your needs.
Choosing from multiple Joomla modules, you will make your eco web page unique and functional. 
We've implemented testimonials modules, image carousel module, social icons module, complex menu system (DJ-MegaMenu), professional gallery tool (DJ-MediaTools), and more useful solutions (all in the template's price).

Eco-Energy is an accessible Joomla template, WCAG 2.1, and ADA compliant. It follows the latest WCAG and section 508, and ADA recommendations of
the accessible website is purposed for people with different disabilities like visual, cognitive, motor, or hearing impaired.   


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