CCK Vehicle Booking - is Full Ready Joomla site
CCK Vehicle Booking is Responsive Joomla base website. There you see how we build Booking web sites for car dealer. We take our best components and modules and Created Booking site. You may use it for cars, trucks, vehicle and more. You may change there all layouts, forms, pages.

To CCK Vehicle Booking we included:

- Component Content Construction Kit for Joomla(OS CCK)
- Joomla Images Touch Slider Module
- Component Joomla Responsive Images gallery
- Component Joomla Simple Membership - Membership extension from Joomla
- Joomla Comment and Sharing module
- OrdaSoft Joomla Blank Template
This site will useful for Vehicle Agents, Cars Companies, Vehicles Brokers and , individual Car Agents, sellers of Used cars.


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