JA Sanidine

  April 22, 2009 1:26am

Today we are pleased to announce the release of JA Sanidine, the 61st template of Joomlart collection and also the 1st real community template bringing together FireBoard forum and Community Builder

Special thanks to Joomlapolis.com & BestofJoomla.com - the developers of such great components. Without them the creation of this Sanidite had not been possible. Download JA Sanidine quickstart and with our detailed User Guide you will easily set forum and your community profile in just a few clicks.

Sanidine is featured by the impressive dark theme which is originally inspired by GameSpot.com where the most outstanding features like movie trailers/game preview (using JA Slideshow) or background toggle has been revamped and introduced into Joomla. With such adaption, you can easily showcase the hottest games or highlight preview using a list of images with intro-text rendered upon mousehover.

As the outstanding feature of all JA template, the clear navigation plus clean layout continuously emphasize our faithful pursuit of the most update web design trends "Dont' decorate, communicate!".

Indeed, this is not only ideal for gamers board but also a perfect idea if your are looking for a movies/entertainment community.
An Overview of JA Sanidine features:

* Modern and beautiful web typeface
* 3 columns layout based template
* 3 color options: default, cyan-brick and green
* Tableless design and 100% CSS-based
* Joomla 1.5.x compatible
* 4 Menu options: JA Split menu, JA Css menu, JA Moo menu, JA Dropline menu
* XHTML 1.0 Transitional Check it ?
* CSS Validates Check it ?
* Valid 508 Accessibility
* Delivered with source .PSD and FONT files, Demo site sample database and detailed user guide which can be found in JA Sanidine downdoad and JA Sanidine forum.
* Well-commented template_css.css and index.php file for flexible customization
* Cross Browser Support


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