Latest DJ-Catalog 3.4.1 version is now stable!

  July 28, 2014 10:23am

DJ-Catalog stable version is already here!

We do not waste time! After fixing few bugs and adding new features we present 3.4.1 stable version of our powerful Joomla extension - DJ-Catalog2.

Check what it brings:

  • Multi-Upload - frontend and backend now supports multiupload for images and attachments.             This useful feature was used with DJ-MediaTools and DJ-Classifieds extensions.
  • Query cart and user's profiles - Now each customer can have a profile with address and company data (like VAT number). 
  • New core product attributes - as addition you can display author's name, date of creation and displays number.

Visit changelog and read more about features.

You can also see it all live - DJ-Catalog2 Demo is available here.


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