It's time to be multilingual! Joomla extensions language update

  June 12, 2014 10:15am

Hi, Balbooa, team of Six. Today a new big update is coming!

We decided to make Balbooa extensions support as much languages as possible. For that purpose we have attracted volunteers from OpenTranslators project. After a month we get a lot of translations variants on more than 6 languages, we have selected only native speaker translations and today want to give them to you!

Now our modules support English (en-GB); Dutch (nl-NL); French (fr-FR); Hungarian (hu-HU); Indonesian (id-ID); Italian (it-IT); Polish (pl-PL); Portuguese (pt-BR); Swedish (sv-SE). For each translated language every person getUncover Joomla template, and if you have a desire to help us with translation, there are a lot of languages left!

So update our Joomla modules on your website or Become a Bro to get them all and use them on your native language.

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