Your Roocky template. Part 5 of 6: Minimal classic Layout

  March 26, 2014 7:18am

Hi, dudes. The next miracle is coming to life. In the 5 part of Your Roocky template story we are presenting the new minimalistic superior layout - Minimal classic.

12 days ago we gave a birth to Roocky. We conceived it like a big solution of all your needs, which has a superior design and usability. Thus we have created 4 layouts: wide and boxed creative layout for creative users, corporate layout especially for business and corporates and now minimal classic for those who don’t recognize a big number of elements.

We left a big background, because we think it gives the website the coolest view. No accordions, features, pricing tables or other elements, that can distract the view, only minimal set of design elements. Two sliders which are located one after one and call to action button - nothing excess.

Try our Minimal Classic layout on the demo and join Roocky template club


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