6tweets Joomla twitter module

  March 5, 2014 9:06am

Hi, dudes. Today we have one more present for you. One more free superior Joomla! module for your awesome website. Twitter module - 6tweets.

6tweets free Joomla twitter module is the superior way to display twitter stream on website. Don’t worry about screen resolution, our module is fully responsive. Our module has such an awesome options like set the twitter layout vertical or horizontal, set the number of tweets that you want to display, and even choose to display or not user avatar, tweet time and follow link.

Also you need to fill in Twitter API information:

  • Twitter username;
  • consumer key and consumer key secret;
  • access token and token secret.

Don’t be a fool and set 6tweets free Joomla! module for one of the most popular social system on your site.


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