#Security: Compromised websites at hosting companies more than doubling daily from a year ago, report finds

  August 7, 2013 8:05pm

There are now about 500 websites compromised each day as opposed to less than 200 each day last year, with several days in May of this year showing an upward spike of over 1,600 new hacked websites each day, according to Cloudmark. The company’s analysis is based on the spam filtering it does for about 2 billion mailboxes worldwide.

By far the most common attack technique now is a SQL injection attack in Joomla 1.5, which allows a reset of the admin password, Cloudmark says. “This bug was patched in 2008, but many web sites have not updated their Joomla version since then.”


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SQL Injection is the one of the most lethal hacks on CMS websites. I've been victim of this when I used to run the older version of Joomla. And most of the issues comes from the extension I have used.

A lot of the Joomla extensions being offered for free are mostly not well designed and coded. I guess this is what you get for free and open source. And that is why now I just try to hire a reputable developer to work on my Jooma extension needs.

  Eddy22 August 7, 2013 8:33pm reply (0)

This issues will never go away. There's a need to check the quality of codes of every software. In open source softwares, it will be difficult. I know this. I've seen a lot of source code from open source and some of them are really of low quality.

  rocco August 7, 2013 11:00pm reply (0)