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You can post anything related to Joomla and web technologies in general.
You can post images with the following extension; .JPG, .PNG, and .GIF. You can upload or link images from other sites.
For now, you can only embed videos from youtube by pasting the youtube link on the main field. We're working on making other video sources to get embedded.

Topics (Hashtags)

Hashtag is a way to label and categorize the post. It's similar on how it works in Twitter. A hashtag word starts with the pound character "#".
A hashtag word starts with the pound character "#". Any subsequent characters after the "#" chartecter that contains letter, numbers, and underscore constitute a hashtag. If the word is followed by character other than letter, number, or udnerscore the hashtagged word is terminated before that character.

Example hashtag: #Joomla2_0 #Gaming
To avoid hashtag spamming, please limit the hashtag to 3.


You can post your original text or link from another site. You can post videos from youtube. You can upload you own images or images linked from other sites.