Apptha HD video share : Manage and share your videos effortlessly

  January 19, 2015 7:22am

Apptha HD video share is a free and premium video sharing script that helps you manage & share your videos, live telecast them and embed from other video sharing sites in your joomla websites seamlessly. Along with this video plugin, Apptha HD offers templates to enhance your joomla site's looks and a free HD video player. In addition Apptha HD offer 3 free ad-ons for free namely

HVS Komento : This provides provision to add comments to your HD video share.

Connect Videoshare: It synchronizes the video with JomSocial,a joomla Social networking site.

HVS Article: This plugin, also compatible with K2 , helps you to add videos to your columns and make them more interesting.

Beneficial features of Apptha HD video share

Added Revenue : Helps to post Pre & Post-roll Google Adsense and Vast Ads.

Scalability : With HTML 5 support, HD videos can be viewed even through smart phones.

Rating & Reviewing: Enables to rate and add reviews to videos through Facebook.

Responsive: This helps to provides a pleasing view to the viewers on all devices.

Use own logos: Helps to add logo and description to the videos.


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