Hair is very important for a person's beautiful

  December 18, 2014 10:13pm

Hair is very important for a person's beautiful

Hair is very important for a person's beautiful, want to make beautiful hair, then hair care. To make hair care, we need to focus on their scalp health. This is not a simple care is ok. You want to start a balanced diet and a good state of mind to improve.  Glue in Hair Extensions   could directly connect with your hair .

To get rid of the annoying dandruff cleaning products, one is to use properly, we should choose the scalp is moderate, less residual cleaning products, rather than that emphasize blindly accuse oil to crumbs.

Now, we compare the praise highly of mild shampoo "shampoo" amino acid, the amino acid frother low irritating, non-toxic, clean ability is also good, in what is now the SLS, SLES infested s, is the existence of a sending out the light...

Silicone oil have the effect of a lubrication, with added silicone products feel soft, but the silicone oil residue on your scalp will prevent scalp breath, is not conducive to the scalp health.

1, normal to oily scalp: 1 drop happy sage oil drop cedar oil + 1 + 1 + 1 drop drops of lavender essential oil of rosemary essential oil + 5 ml coconut oil + 5 ml jojoba oil

2, dry to neutral scalp: 1 drop geranium essential oil drop rosewood oil + 1 + 1 + 1 drop drops of lavender essential oil of rosemary essential oil + 5 ml olive oil + 5 ml jojoba oil

In the usual life, we should appropriate eat more grains, also can prevent hair loss, the characteristics of this kind of food can adjust the body's digestion function in addition to supplement large amounts of dietary fiber can also help the human body. Especially in today's people taste over-emphasize, often love to eat some fat in usual life and chili food, and grains can effectively regulate the human body health.

In addition, sweet potatoes, yams, banana, pineapple, mango, promote hair growth

Bad for hair growth factors: cakes, snack food, carbonated drinks, ice chess ling, etc.

These are mostly young women's favorite food, if eating too much, can affect the normal growth of the hair, it's easy to have a roll of Canon or white hair.  Weft Hair Extensions need to fix by professional glues .


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