Provide discount coupon to attract customers using Joomla Component

  February 8, 2014 1:03pm

Joomla is one of the content management software that is written based on PHP and MySQL. It is an award winning CMS, which enables the users to build the websites and powerful online applications. It has a strong community consist of 20,000 users and contributors. It is eligible for best PHP open source CMS and has the ability to power millions of websites. It includes page caching, RSS feeds, news flashes, blogs, polls and many other features which are required to set up a modern day highly interactive website. The developers developed the Joomla extensions based on five types such as Joomla modules, Joomla Components, Joomla Plugins, Joomla Template, and Joomla Languages.

A Joomla component is a distinct application, consists of its own set of functions. Its database is unique and it has the ability to store more databases. Therefore, when anyone install a Joomla component on his website, he is actually adding an application. In an online business, communications are made possible by this component. It helps the store owners to manage the store systems, to personalize their own business, and to their sites full potential. It has an auto link check feature, simple and popular URL components and many other features. There are many types of components, some are used to manage a review site or manage the review portion of the web site.

It allows the users to comment and rate the products. It permits the users to submit the articles and to create custom field sets. It also allows ratings on a number of variables, creation and management of a slideshow photo gallery album. Likewise, some components are used for eCommerce websites. The key features of these components are used to manage unlimited number of products and categories, orders and customers. They are simple to configure and they are incorporated with various shipping components. It provides the option to add shipping carriers and shipping rates. A complete support for various payment gateways is also provided.

A Joomla component that can attract more no. of customers

The Discount Coupon Generating component is an exclusive component for the merchants who wants to grab the attention of the online customers towards their eCommerce store. It is the flexible coupon discount that has many rich features to enhance the website in the eCommerce business world. Most of the merchant offer discounts in their stores to increase the customers, sales, brand name of the store, etc. The customers also show more interest to buy the products from the store when the store offer more discount to them. This component allows the store owners to fix up the pliable discount settings such as types of Discount, Discount Values, and it will override the global discount settings configured.

It generates the coupon and send it to their valuable customers or the referral buyers to promote the product through integrated Email Marketing feature, which were not available in other similar extensions available in the market. The customers can use the coupon code for that specific product to get more discounts. It issues the discounts after validating the coupon code. The customers will visit the eCommerce store when the administrator offers these coupons to them. It is an easy way for the merchants attract more number of customers and to increase the productivity of the store.

The administrator can develop the components by hiring the Joomla developers. The professional developers can able to provide the best Joomla Development services for the website. They can also offer many services at an affordable price.

Download: Joomla Virtuemart GCoupon Component


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