JomComment : AJAX Powered Joomla Comment Component

  August 3, 2006 12:50pm

JomComment is an AJAX-powered Joomla Comment component. AJAX-powered means that comments are updated to the content page without reloading the entire screen. Another nice feature of JomComment is the built-in spam protection.

When we were still using AkoComment, we receive hundreds of spam everyday. And integrating a 3rd party spam protection is somewhat time consuming. I'd rather pay someone $12.50 rather than deal with the hassles. That amount is just about your lunch money.

Below are the features of JomComment. And they all work nicely. You can get JomComment from .

JomComment Features:

  • AJAX-powered - Comments are added on the fly without reloading the entire page
  • SPAM Protection - Fight SPAM bots and v!@gra(h) vendors! SPAM litters your fine looking website - fight SPAM with Jom Comment’s advanced Captcha (image challenge) technique. You can also block specific IP address from adding new comments or allow only registered members to post comments.
  • Personalize Templates - Change from one look to another just by selecting a new template!
  • RSS Feed - Visitors can get RSS feed of comments posted to a particular content.
  • Import AkoComment and ComboMax data - If you use AkoComment or ComboMax, switching is easy! You can copy old comments to JomComment by just a click of a button.
  • "Read More" Integration - You can integrate "Read more..." link in the same line as "Add comments". Take a look at how this works in our front page. Your website looks extremely professional and it doesn't make your comment system look like a hack job.
  • Language Support - Jom Comment supports data in the universally accepted future format, utf-8, which means YOUR language will be supported (eg, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, etc).

Special Features:

  • Gravatar Support - Bring your Global Avatar everywhere you go. Jom Comment let’s you have that personal touch alongside your comments!
  • Sliding Feature - Sliding effect options for the input form and comment.
  • Word-Censor - You can block some words from your comments completely, or have the option to make it look this way – c******d
  • Comment Moderation - Moderate comments before they get posted. Take control of who says what at your website!

JomComment Back-end Admin Screenshot:


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