JFBConnect - Joomla Facebook Integration Extension

  August 5, 2013 8:43pm

JFBConnect is the complete Facebook integration suite for Joomla. It has tons of features for connecting to your Joomla site using Facebook. With an easy-to-use configuration area in the component, there's no hunting down settings to customize Facebook integration how you want.

By using Joomla Facebook features, you'll be increasing interaction between the visitors to your Joomla site and Facebook. This interaction increases your social presence and is a complete organic and social way to grow your traffic.

Provides Facebook registration; Facebook Open Graph; Facebook Invites, Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn social widgets; Facebook Page Tab & Facebook Canvas support.

Facebook Single-Sign-On
One-click Facebook login for all Facebook users! Let Facebook users register and log into your site with their Facebook credentials.

Facebook Open Graph Actions
Auto-post to user's Facebook Timeline when they read articles, upload photos, leave a review, etc. Integrates Facebook with multiple 3rd party extensions, including JomSocial, EasyBlog, jReviews, and K2. Increase your Facebook social reach.

Facebook Open Graph Tags
Describe pages to Facebook when displayed on Facebook. Set Facebook title, Facebook description, and Facebook image for Facebook wall posts. Used by Facebook Comments, Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares and Facebook Open Graph Actions.

Facebook Comments, Facebook Likes & Other Social Buttons
Enable Facebook Comments & Facebook Likes on any section, category or articles automatically. Get an email notification on new Facebook comments or Facebook Likes.
Includes Twitter Share, LinkedIn Share, and Google +1 buttons.

Facebook Page Tab & Facebook Canvas Integration
Show your site in your Facebook Page Tab or a larger Facebook Canvas view. Set a special template just for Facebook.

Facebook Invitations
Facebook Requests let your visitors invite their Facebook friends. Grow your site organically using Facebook.

Facebook Auto-Configuration Tool
Don't mess with Facebook App settings yourself; let JFBConnect configure your Facebook app automatically.

3rd Party Profile Integration from Facebook
Import the user's Facebook avatar image and Facebook profile automatically. You select which Facebook fields are imported into:

  • JomSocial
  • Community Builder
  • Kunena
  • K2
  • Virtuemart

Facebook Profile Import Fields

  • Facebook First/Last Name
  • Facebook Birthday
  • Facebook Profile URL
  • Facebook Status
  • Facebook Bio
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Interests
  • Facebook Friend Count
  • Facebook Hometown
  • Facebook Current Location
  • Facebook Music
  • Facebook Gender
  • Facebook Relationship
  • Facebook Education
  • Facebook Quotes
  • Facebook Movies
  • Facebook Music
  • Facebook Work History

All the Facebook Social Widgets

  • Facebook FanBox/LikeBox
  • Facebook Request
  • Facebook Subscribe
  • Facebook Like Button
  • Facebook Send Button
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Follow
  • Facebook Recommendations
  • Facebook Feed
  • Facebook Friends
  • Facebook Article Bar

All Facebook social modules are automatically translated by Facebook to any language Facebook supports.

Fully Documented
Detailed Facebook configuration guides take you step-by-step through all Facebook features available.

30-Day Guarantee
We proudly offer a 30-day refund policy on our Facebook extensions.


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This is a very good extension to integrate Facebook signin to your website.

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