JoomMedia v1.0

  May 17, 2018 4:23am

We’d like to welcome JoomMedia as a new member in our family, this new Joomla extension provide a simple yet powerful solution for those who is looking for building a sharing media platform. You can do everything you need to display and manage your media items like videos, photos, audios and documents all within your website in an organised and manageable layouts.

Main Features

  • Automatic or manual server-side media items processing
  • Multiple media types support (Videos, Images, Audio, Documents)
  • Like & dislike media items
  • Like & dislike meter in medie item
  • Feature or unfeature media items
  • Custom fields support
  • Tags management
  • Multiple comments systems support (Komento, Disqus, jComment...)
  • Media sharing (Social share, embed and permalink)
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Media items organization true categories, tags, channels, playlists, albums and groups
  • Permissions support
  • Allow multiple items downloading
  • Choose media item privacy (listed or unlisted)
  • Change media item status (Unapproved, approved, pending items, reported items)
  • Enable or disable author access only
  • Protect media item by password
  • Enable age restriction to each media item
  • Allow or disallow comments, likes and embedding in each media item
  • Control media item download access
  • Multiple players support
  • Set the maximum size allowed for each media item
  • and more ...


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