Gridbox - Joomla Website Builder

  November 4, 2015 8:46am

Gridbox is a Joomla Page Builder. It allows you to create Joomla pages through Drag & Drop in real time directly from your browser. 

Using the Drag & Drop interface you have complete control over the page. All elements on the page is draggable and you can place them as you need.


Gridbox comes with a pre-installed and professionally designed themes. Choose your favorite theme and in one click import theme pages and settings.

Have you deleted page item by mistake? Don't panic! Gridbox allows you to "Undo" and "Redo" any action on the page.


Gridbox will change your idea of site creation forever!

- 100% frontend Joomla website builder;

- Drag & Drop interface;

- Layout Builder;

- Pre-installed page blocks;

- Pre-installed pages;

- Gridbox plugins;

- Customize design on-the-fly;

- Real-time code editing

- Google Fonts integration

- and more...


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