One of our tweets was marked 'Top Tweet' in #Twitter with #Joomla hashtag

  August 6, 2013 3:43pm

I never had a tweet that was marked as Top Tweet. So what is a Top Tweet in Twitter anyway? Top Tweet is one of the features that Twitter implemented to make their users keep tweeting!

So how does the Top Tweet algorhythm works? This is only my opinion, I think a Top Tweet varies by user. For example, if I follow 100 users, I may see a Top Tweet for a certain user but that certain user tweet might not be seen as Top Tweet for the rest of the Twitter users who follows 1,000 users. The Top Tweet for that user might be the tweet by Justin Bieber who they probably follow.

Anyhow, I think getting a Top Tweet is really nice. All I know is it is positive as it gives more exposure to the user and of course to JFBConnect which I tweeted.

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